Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brit is delivering a new baby boy this evening (or early tomorrow morning) at Logan Regional Hospital. He will join Lily and Owen in a very loving family. We are proud of them and wish her delivery quick and easy and the baby very healthy. We can't wait to see him and get a picture posted on this blog.

Jill is also expecting this fall for her fifth child. She will take the lead over three siblings who have four children. We hope it is a boy so that she balances out her family, now with three girls and only one boy.

Both Troy and Brad graduate from college this spring. Troy at Weber State in Ogden, Utah and Brad at Utah State in Logan, UT. Way to go boys! Looks like both will be headed out of state for work as both aspire to get out in the world. May the force be with them both!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jackie's Seizures

To give a little background on this post: Jackie this past fall experienced epileptic seizures. We went to a Pediatric neurologist in SLC and started her on a medication to prevent them. We figured out that she is proned to having seizures which is different than actually being diagnosed.

Jackie this weekend experienced 5 seizures on Saturday. We are not sure why they happened or what caused them. These seizures where much longer than her previous ones back in September. They lasted 4-5 minutes with stiffness and/or limpness in her body, right leg twitching, left hand clasped tightly, smacking of lips, chewing on tongue, dilated eyes, unresponsiveness and some gulping. This was pretty scary b/c you can't do anything. After the second one occurred we took her to the ER and spent 5 hours there. While in the ER she had three more seizures. They were able to get her out of the seizures quicker with oxygen and medications. Her blood was taken, urine samples given and she had an IV. She now has been diagnosed with epileptic seizures.

Rachel (my sister) had come up for the afternoon and was with me in the ER while Troy stayed home with Marissa and Jared. The doctors ended up increasing her medications for the seizures and gave us an emergency drug (rectal drug) if she has one seizure. If she has more than one a day then we are supposed to take her to Primary Children's Hospital to be seen ASAP. The ER doc recommended us going there b/c they have the proper equipment for Peds.

Today she has been VERY cranky, lethargic and hungry. The neurology specialist told us a few weeks ago that when you increase the dose, the side effects take longer to get over. They are irritably, upset stomach, dizziness and fatigue. That explains today's "mood" and why she threw up her breakfast. I am hoping she doesn't throw up her dinner later tonight. She also has had 6-7 "loose" bowel movements with HORRIBLE gas.

We will try to go in tomorrow or Tuesday to our neurologist to help figure out the causes of the seizures and control them. Something I do speculate is, I think the seizures might be associated with her "teething". But that is my opinion.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Jackie

Jackie's status:
Jackie has had torticollis since she was born. We have been working on it with physical therapy and a botox treatment to help fix her "tilt" of the head. We also did helmet therapy to fix the shape of her head due to the torticollis. Now more than a year late she has relapsed b/c of us being sick every month in the fall (she was fatigued and that doesn't help with the strength of her neck) and her not wearing her glasses. We went to our physical therapist and they recommended seeing the specialist again. Here is what we concluded:

Went to Pediatric Rehabilitation Specialist again and they agreed she is not a candidate for surgery!!!!!! She is on the fence whether or not she needs botox again. About half to 2/3rds of their patients, this is common to receive botox twice. We are going to get a second opinion about her eyes to see if the vision might be a problem with the torticollis. In about 1/4 of patients there is an underlying problem with the vision called: 4th cranial nerve palsy.

She actually has gotten better with the tilt in the last month, b/c we have been more adamant with the glasses.

Secondly Jackie is proned to small seizures and is currently on a drug to help get rid of them. We found this out in the summer after receiving the botox treatment. It is a good thing we are getting most of these medical treatments taken care of.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MRI for Jackie

To keep everyone updated on Jackie's stuff she has... today she got an MRI. The neurologist at Primary Children's Hospital recommended it. She received an EEP last week in conjunction with everything. We went in early and sedated her, made sure she was asleep. After getting her all positioned correctly in the MRI machine (took 15 minutes) they started. Right after the doors shut to start the MRI Jackie held her breath and her oxygen levels dropped. The nurses ran in and immediately assisted her. It took them about 20 minutes to make sure she was fine and then I heard her babbling.

They started the procedure again with her slightly awake. One of the nurses stayed in with her to help put her back to sleep the "old" way (stroking her forehead). That did it and we got on with the MRI smoothly after that.
When it was done two hours had passed by since getting to the hospital. The Pediatrician with us said she needed to stay two hours after having the anesthesia b/c she had a reaction (the holding the breath). So we stayed till 10:45am. Wow what a morning.
NOTE: The reason for getting a MRI and EEP is because she is having small unresponsive episodes that are a concern. Like a seizure, they want to find the source of this.

Then after that I had an OB appt that I went to after dropping Jackie at home.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Priesthood Session


The Boys, I mean "Men" attending the Priesthood Session of Genereal Conference. They weren't able to make it in, only 10 feet from the door when the closed them b/c it was too full. But they still had fun! :)
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New phone number

Hey family!
Our new home phone is 801-675-3045. We still have our cell phones as normal. We are trying the MagicJack... it is a land-line hooked into the internet.
The Nelsons

Tuesday, August 11, 2009